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For the last 15 years, the Eclipse Jet has flown 100's of thousands of hours all over the world.  Some are in desert climates, some are in rainy ones.  Some are warm, some are cold.  As aircraft accumulate hours and age, we learn more about the aircraft, how it ages, and where we should focus our maintenance and inspection efforts to keep flying safely.  


While we've learned a great deal about the aircraft, the OEM inspection program is essentially unchanged since 2016. It's time to put what we've learned to work.


STC ST02355CH creates an Alternative Inspection Program for the Eclipse 500/550.  This program replaces the manufacturers recommended inspection program with a new alternative inspection program, complete with a new Chapter 5.

Putting what we learned to work...


With more than a thousand inspections behind us, we've learned which parts of the aircraft are performing well, where we need to be watching, and how to put that knowledge to work.  We've crafted our inspection program to extend the inspection interval of high performing areas, while focusing on areas where faults have been found in the past.

For example, the OEM inspection program requires the removal of the entire interior to perform every inspection.  Service experience has shown the only minimal, non-safety, items have been found in areas above the floorboards. So our program focuses the inspection on areas below the floorboards where the majority of issues are found.  The results is the same high level of safety with less interior damage and lower inspection cost.

Designed for efficiency...


The OEM program designed to an industry standard.  In order to gather the information the technician needs to properly perform the inspection, they have to wade through an extensive list of links which often refer to even more links.  As a result, technicians tend to make assumptions as how the inspection should be conducted.  As a result, inspections or procedures can be missed or misunderstood. The RAS alternative inspection program puts all the details right on the checklist, assuring the technician executes the inspection properly. 

This method not only improves inspection quality, but also efficiency, eliminating lost man-hours searching for information that should be at their fingertips.

The OEM Program

The RAS Program

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