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Alternate Inspection Program

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RAS is pleased to offer our latest STC, Alternative Inspection Program for the Eclipse 500. STC ST02355CH creates an alternative inspection program with a new, more efficient methodology for performing inspections. We've also incorporated the fleet's service experience into our inspection program. For example, we no longer require that the entire interior be removed every inspection, instead applying service experience to focus on specific areas of the cabin.

Where our Alternative Maintenance Program STC created a new Chapter 4 with greater opportunity for operators to incorporate their individual service experience, this STC creates an Alternative Inspection Program that replaces the manufacturer's Chapter 5 recommended inspection program with more efficient and thorough inspection program.

The STC is priced at $2995.00, with a discount of $2000 for operators that have previously adopted our Alternative Maintenance Program STC (SA04458CH). Aircraft serial number verification required.

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