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Our new battery offers a full 50% more capacity than the OEM battery (34 Amp-hours vs 22 Amp-hours).  That means stronger, cooler starts and better cold weather performance.  Our Version 1 kit retains your current Systems Battery and installs the higher capacity 34 Amp-hour (C1 rating) battery as the Start battery.  To facilitate ease of installation and maintenance, the larger 34 Amp-hour battery is physically installed on the left side, where the Systems Battery is now.  The batteries are then electrically connected with new cables to retain the aircraft's original electrical configuration.

When installed, other than having more capacity, your aircraft will operate just as it does now.

The 34 Amp-hour battery can be used with RAS or OEM batteries.  A dual 34 Amp-hour battery installation is also available.

The single 34 Amp-hour battery installation adds 17 lbs of weight, but when installed along with our improved VCS Compressor, you can end up with a net reduction in weight.

Dual 34A.jpeg

When installed in an aircraft equipped with our Parasitic Current Drain Elimination Upgrade, these PMA batteries require capacity checks every 12 months.  That's twice as long as the OEM batteries!  No STC required, everything is addressed in the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA) that comes with the battery.

Like our 24 Amp-hour batteries, these batteries are designed to allow field replacement of the internal components, dramatically lowering the cost of future battery maintenance.

Each battery is shipped with all the necessary hardware and electrical cables for installation.

We also include free of charge an STC that improves the cold start limitations in the AFM when the 34 Amp-hour battery is installed. 

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