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The Eclipse Jet is a beautiful aircraft.  Sleek lines, shimmering paint, and then there's that big ugly discolored square or giant oval on the nose.

Although we love the Eclipse, we've never been fans of the icephobic paint.  So we set out to see if it was really necessary.  After evaluating nearly 2000 pages of documents and performing extensive analysis, it became apparent that not only was the icephobic paint not needed, but in certain cases may actually be detrimental.

Working with several FAA offices, and consulting with the FAA's top experts on icing, the FAA agreed with our position and has issued RAS a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to allow the removal of the icephobic paint without any flight restrictions.

Now you can purchase the STC that will permit the removal of the ugly icephobic paint and restore your aircraft's natural beauty.

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