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The Eclipse Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) is a wonderful device that allows you to brake on contaminated surfaces without fear of damaging a tire or potentially departing the runway surface. But like all mechanical devices, it can be subject to failure, and the current installation may not be able to warn you of a malfunction. Finding out the brakes aren't operating correctly when you need them is to say the least, problematic.


​​​​​​​The current system only has the capability of checking wiring connections and the brake computer's function.  As a result, when you most need your ABS system working, it may not be, leaving you in a precarious position with no way to know.


Resurgent Aviation Solutions introduces their latest product, the ABS Brake Control Module Monitor.  By monitoring the performance of the last device in the system, any upstream faults can be detected.  Should a fault be detected, within milliseconds of beginning to apply brake pressure, the crew will be notified with both aural and visual warnings allowing the crew to take immediate action to safely bring your aircraft to a stop.

When a brake fault is detected, the fault is stored in the Brake Monitor's memory allowing for quick troubleshooting. Once the fault has been corrected, a simple press of the reset button clears the stored faults and visual warnings.

If the aircraft power is applied with a fault stored in memory, the ABS INOP indicator will be illuminated, along with a series of aural warnings, notifying the crew before flight that the ABS system is not operating properly.

Enhance the safety of your Eclipse Jet with the installation of the RAS ABS Brake Control Module Monitor.

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