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For years, Eclipse operators have been searching for a cost effective replacement option for the OEM only battery.  Now, RAS has the answer, an FAA PMA replacement battery.

RAS batteries were designed to be user serviceable, allowing for the field replacement of the internal components.  This design dramatically lowers the cost of future battery maintenance.


These batteries incorporate specially selected battery modules that deliver 9% more C1 capacity (24.3 Amp-hours vs 22 amp-hours) without increasing battery weight.

While these batteries don't weigh any more, they are 0.375" taller.  


Each battery is shipped with all the necessary hardware for installation.

RAS warrants their workmanship in accordance with their published terms

and conditions.

  • Battery modules are warranted by the manufacturer.  

  • The manufacturers warranty excludes damage caused by parasitic drain.

When installed in an aircraft equipped with our Parasitic Current Drain 

Elimination Upgrade, these PMA batteries require capacity checks every

12 months.  That's twice as long as the OEM batteries!  No STC required,

everything is addressed in the Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)

that comes with every battery.

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