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By providing innovative solutions to the most challenging issues. 


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Is your Eclipse air conditioner leaving you hot under the collar?  


Whether it's the poor cooling, the constant failures, or the high replacement cost, the current options just aren't cool.

RAS is pleased to announce that we have now developed a simple to install replacement air conditioning compressor pallet.  The RAS pallet uses 30% less power, is nearly silent when running, weighs as much as 26 pounds less, and requires no periodic maintenance.

Designed for simplicity, the entire process of removing your old compressor and installing the new RAS compressor can be accomplished in an 8 hour day.

Prices start at $12,950, with several battery upgrade options available.

Eclipse operators want something to help assure they can continue to enjoy their Eclipse Jet, even in the midst of a changing support environment. 


STC SA04458CH creates an Alternative Maintenance Program for the Eclipse 500/550.  This program replaces the manufacturer's recommended maintenance program with a new alternative maintenance program, complete with a new Chapter 4 & Chapter 5.

One of the greatest concerns for Eclipse operators is the availability of replacement PhostrEx Fire Extinguisher Canisters, both now and in the future.  Currently, these canisters have a mandatory life limit in Chapter 4 (Airworthiness Limitations Section) of the AMM.   This means that when the FAA mandated calendar life limit is reached, if there are no replacement Fire Extinguisher Containers available, your aircraft becomes a very expensive paperweight.

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We continue to invest in the parts and materials you need to keep your Eclipse Jet flying safely.  We are also continually expanding our FAA Approvals and capabilities.

RAS now holds Accessory Class 1, 2, and 3 ratings, as well as an Eclipse 500 Limited Rating.  These ratings allow us to develop new repair processes without needing individual FAA approvals.

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