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Eclipse 500 Replacement Air Conditioning Pallet

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Brand: RAS

Is your Eclipse air conditioner leaving you hot under the collar?

Whether it's the poor cooling, the constant failures, or the high replacement cost, the current options just aren't cool.

Our simple to install replacement air conditioning compressor pallet uses 30% less power, is nearly silent when running, weighs as much as 26 pounds less than the OEM unit, and requires no periodic maintenance.

Designed for simplicity, the entire process of removing your old compressor and installing the new RAS compressor can be accomplished in an 8 hour day.

Save by adding a 34 Amp-hour battery upgrade with your new air conditioning unit. Just add the battery upgrade of your choice to your cart, and use the following discount codes at checkout:

For single 34 Amp-hour battery upgrade, or to upgrade your current 34 Amp-hour start battery to dual 34A batteries, use discount code "34A" at checkout to receive a $800 discount on your purchase.

To upgrade both of the standard 24 Amp-hour to dual 34 Amp-hour batteries, use discount code "Dual 34A" at checkout to receive a $1600 discount on your purchase.

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