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STC - Alternative Maintenance Program

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One of the greatest concerns for Eclipse operators is the availability of replacement PhostrEx Fire Extinguisher Canisters, both now and in the future. Currently, these canisters have a mandatory life limit in Chapter 4 (Airworthiness Limitations Section) of the AMM. That means that when that calendar life limit is reached, if there are no replacement Fire Extinguisher Containers available, your aircraft becomes a very expensive paperweight.

The RAS Alternative Maintenance Program for the Eclipse 500/550 provides the flexibility and certainty operators want. The RAS program moves the Fire Extinguisher Replacement from an Airworthiness Limitation with no relief, to a recommended maintenance action. With the RAS STC, operators can address the Fire Extinguishers as they would any other recommended overhaul item. Operators can make the determination on whether they want to want to replace their Fire Extinguisher Canisters at the manufacturers recommended interval, or if based on good judgement and service experience, they want to extend the replacement interval.

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