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When you need something more from your aircraft, we can help.  

Whether it's adding new technology,

more comfort, or preparing your aircraft

for a special purpose, our team has the

expertise you need.

We turn ideas into reality.

Share your great idea...

Whether you have a great idea, or chose from one of ours, an FAA Supplemental Type Certificate allows you to incorporate your idea into other aircraft without further FAA approval.  It also protects your intellectual property as Federal law prohibits the unauthorized use of your STC. 

Aircraft Modification and Design
Supplemental Type Certificates
Aircraft Modification & Design
Certification Assistance

Certification...  It could be the most fun you can have in aviation?

The FAA is charged with promoting aviation safety.  It's a job they take seriously.  And if there's anyplace that commitment to safety shows, it's in certification.  Not only must you prove that your idea is safe, you'll need to prove it won't interfere with any of the existing systems and that it complies with all of the applicable regulations.

Whether it's PSCP's, FHA's, FMEA's, SSA's, Test Plans or Compliance Reports, we have the experience

you need.

Consulting Services

Whether you are heading into unchartered territory, or just looking for an outside opinion, our team brings experience in FBO Operations, FAA Regulations, Repair Stations, Charter Operations, Production Certificates, Vendor Management and much more.

When it's time for a little help, we're there.

FAA Repair Station and Parts Manufacturing Approval Manuals

Interested in starting an FAA Approved Repair Station or manufacturing aircraft parts?

The first step is preparing the manuals and systems required by the regulations.  While the regulations

provide a framework for the contents of the manuals, the specific processes and procedures to

incorporate will make or break your business.

Some manuals are so full of procedures that they are unusable.  Any FAA inspector will tell you that

"you need to follow your manual", and a manual that can't be followed is an invitation for a violation.  

We provide manuals designed to help you succeed and remain in compliance at all times.

FAA Advocacy

You've heard the old joke, "We're the FAA and we're here to help you".  The truth is they really are.  

They have a job to do, but they aren't the enemy.  Many of the same inspectors you will deal with used to have jobs very much like yours.

We know that good men can differ on various subjects, but the regulations need not be one of them.  The regulations are law, and they say exactly what they mean.  There is no interpretation or grey areas, yet this is where most conflicts arise.

Our team has a unique understanding of all aspects of FAA regulations, FAA Orders, Policy, Guidance, and the place each of these have.  We've found that almost all FAA issues can be cleared by a proper understanding and application of the regulations.

FAA Approved Replacement Parts

Looking for cost effective replacement parts for your aircraft?  

We have a growing line of FAA/PMA parts for your aircraft.  Choose

from one of our designs, or we can manufacture your FAA approved design for you.

PMA Parts
Tech Support
Subscription Based Technical Support

If you own an aircraft built by a company that's no longer in business, where do you turn to get

answers for your technical questions?

Typically, this devolves into bits of increasingly less accurate information based on "a guy told me...". RAS has retained some of the most knowledgeable technical experts available.  You'll get answers

based on facts and data, not rumors.

An annual Technical Support subscription provides you with unlimited technical support from experts.

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