The Battery Minder, friend or foe?

One of the most frequently debated topics in Eclipse circles is the value of using a battery minder. Some believe that the use of such a device will prolong battery life. Others believe that the use of a battery minder device adds no value, and can actually reduce battery life by increasing grid corrosion.

To try and settle this debate we ran a few different tests. While we were able to demonstrate that the Battery Minder was ineffective in reducing permanent sulfation, we were unable to determine if the use of a battery minder produced any positive results.

We did however, learn a few interesting items that may be of interest to battery minder users.

The Battery Minder has no reverse current protection.

If you have a Battery Minder connected to your battery, and the 110VAC power supply to the Battery Minder is lost, it will begin to drain your battery. At the observed rate, you will lose 20% of your battery's capacity in just 7.5 days.

After several days of use, the Battery Minder produces an average negative current charge.

We don't know what the effect is, but during several tests, the Battery Minder was documented as producing an average negative charge current.