For years, Eclipse operators have been searching for a cost effective replacement option for the OEM only battery.  Now, RAS has the answer, an FAA Approved repair process for your current batteries.

By developing an FAA approved repair process, rather than a traditional battery replacement, we can dramatically lower the cost.


Each battery is disassembled & inspected.  The existing battery case is then fitted with FAA approved replacement battery modules. These replacement battery modules deliver 9% more C1 capacity (24.3 amp-hours vs 22 amp-hours) without increasing battery weight.

While these batteries don't weigh any more, they are slightly larger, so the batteries have a new lid and are 0.375" taller.  Each battery is shipped with all the necessary adapters for a bolt in installation with no aircraft modifications.

When installed in an aircraft equipped with our Parasitic Current Drain Elimination Upgrade, these batteries require capacity checks every 12 months. That's twice as long as the OEM batteries!

Here's the how it works:

  • Purchase your battery repair from our on-line store.

  • You can choose from one of our exchange batteries, or send yours in for repair.

  • Normal turn times are 5-7 days.

  • Return your battery core in the same package you received your replacement battery in, or the empty shipping box we'll provide you.

  • Prices do not include shipping.

  • RAS warrants their workmanship in accordance with their published terms and conditions.

  • Battery modules are warranted by the manufacturer.  The manufacturers warranty excludes damage caused by parasitic drain.